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A.M.D.E - SERVICE - was established in 2011. We are team of service engineers, with big experience in overhaul two and four stroke diesel engines. We work on ships, drilling platforms, power plants  and shipyards in all places around the world. Our office is located in Świnoujście / Uznam Island / Poland





A.M.D.E. - SERVICE - offer 24 hours 7 days a week  fast service around the world . We are ready to fast send our engineers to any pleces on the world. If You need our help - just send a message!!!





A.M.D.E. - SERVICE - We provide world wide service for 2 & 4 - Stroke medium and high speed engines of all major engine manufacturers.


We offer:


- repair and overhaul main and auxiliary diesel engines ; 

- inspection of : bearings, crankcase, pistons, cylinder heads, etc.

- overhaul of : fuel injectors, fuel pumps, cylinder heads, starting valves, etc.

- clean water, air and oil coolers ;

- measurements of engine parts;

- performance test after overhaul;

- trouble shoting;

- ships voyage repair;
- work like a support for factory service;
- work like a support for ship owner team;

and many, many more....