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AMDE-SERVICE - was established in 2011. We are a team of service engineers, with broad experience in overhauling of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines. We work on ships, offshore platforms, power plants  and shipyards in all over the world. Our office is located in Świnoujście / Uznam Island / Poland





AMDE-SERVICE - offers 24/7 express service around the world . We are ready send our engineers to any places in the world. If you need our help - please contact us !!!





AMDE-SERVICEWe offer inspections and repairs main and auxiliary diesel engines. General overhaul, measurements and verification engine parts such as  :


  • cylinder heads;
  • pistons & connecting rods;
  • cylinder liners;
  • fuel injectors & fuel pumps;
  • lube oil & cooling water pumps;
  • crankshaft & camshaft replacement;
  • camshaft bearings replacement;
  • main bearings replacement;
  • air & oil coolers cleaning;
  • and many many more.....